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Katsumi Komagata. Little tree/Petit arbre. Tokyo: One Stroke; Paris: Le Cosmographe, 2018 (1. ed. 2008)

“Komagata adopts a new format in Little tree, published in 2008 in a trilingual edition: Japanese, English, anbd French. It is, in fact, an artist's pop-up book whose intricately cut pop-ups make it Komagata's most expensive book to date. Composed of coloured and textured heavy paper, the book has exquisite pop-ups on every doublespread. When the page is turned, a tree pop-ups on the centrefold. The artist once again tells the story of a lige cycle, here in direct retaionship to the changing season and the passing years (...) Little tree is a very poetic and ingeniously crafted book, which received special mention in the Fiction category of the Bologna  Ragazzi Award at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2010. Komagata's innovative experimentation with the book as a three-dimensional object has continued Munari's legacy and produced new spatial forma of artists' books”

Sandra L. Beckett. Crossover picturebooks: a genre for all ages. New York: Routledge, 2012 (p. 64)

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