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The centuries' poetry. Hardmondsworth: Penguin, 1949

“The Penguin Poets may arguably be the most beautiful and elegant of all the Penguin series designed or redesigned by Tschichold (...) For the Penguin Poets cover, Tschichold incorporated an exquisite floral monotype border, befitting romantic and poetic imagery, similar to the covers he designed in the mid 1940's for Swiss publishers, within a frame composed of various weighted hairline rules. For the typography, Tschichold had meticulously placed the type into distinct groupings, placed centrally within a long rectangular window. The type treatments include mixings of all uppercase and upper and lower case groups all set in the graceful, hand written features of monotype Bell (...) Of particular note in the Penguin Poets cover is the beautiful yellow, cream colored paper stock, accented with a faint pale green color for the monotype border and swelled rule.”

Richard B. Doubleday. Jan Tschichold designer: the Penguin years. New Castle: Oak Knoll; Aldershot: Lund Humphries, 2006 (p. 97-99 )

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