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Daniel Berrigan. The trial of the Catonsville Nine. Boston: Beacon Press, 1970 

“Even after she left Immaculate Heart College, Kent continued to make posters, billboards, and prints related to concerns about war and justice. When Daniel Berrigan prepared The Trial of the Catonsville Nine in 1970, he asked Kent to design the cover. The book is an account in play form of the trial proceedings for the offense of burning over 300 draft cards with homemade napalm. On the cover, the title and author’s name are scrawled in Kent’s unmistakable handwriting over a detail of her phil and dan [screenprint]. Printed with black ink over an orange-red ground, the swirling flames of burning draft cards and the curved wire rubbish baskets compose an almost mythic inferno.”

Susan Dackerman, ed. Corita Kent and the language of Pop. Cambridge: Harvard Art Museums; New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015 (p. 243)

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