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Herbert Muschamp. File under architecture. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press , 1974

“Cooper's design for Herbert Muschamp's 1974 book File under Architecture -bound in corrugated cardboard, printed on brown kraft paper, and likewise typeset by Cooper on an IBM Composer- was a favorite of hers and the author's, who felt it performed his argument on the ephemerality of the built environment better than the text had. The Composer let Cooper change fonts by switching out the golf ball-sized typeball, enabling her to set the main text and the author's eccentric marginalia in different typefaces, from sans serif to script. Using this readily available consumer product and embracing its raw aesthetic made Cooper both designer and producer, giving her greater control and quicker feedback, and saving money as well (...) From using an electric typewriter to produce the book, it was a short step to using a computer.”

David Reinfurt, Robert Wiesenberger. Muriel Cooper. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2017 (p. 9)

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