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The Face, nº 41, September 1983

“In his pioneering art-direction of The Face Brody showed his ability to absorb the ferocity of Punk style, with its use of collage techniques and rough typefaces, but also its models -from Dada procedures to Russian revolutionary Constructivism- and produce something that communicated with a more directed impact, encouraging readers/spectators to challenge their own assumptions about design. The application of these principles to widely distributed magazines paralleled developments in pop music and fashion, creating a genuinely popular form of art-anti-‘art’ in its opposition to what was perceived as the emptiness and inhumanity of minimalism or the easy commercialism of American late Pop styles. If Brody’s work itself became widely imitated in commercial styling, even its derivatives remained close to an original visual experience.”


Vision: 50 years of British creativity. London: Thames and Hudson, 1999 (p. 160)


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