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The Face, nº 44, December 1983

“Focusing on the changing face of fashion at the outset of the decade, editor Nick Logan launched The Face in 1980 with a minimal budget, a limitation that perhaps gave it its edge. The Face quickly became a popular style manual of low-budget street culture and fashion that eventually, like other subversive fads, was coopted by commercialism and advertising -a snag also faced by its art director, Neville Brody. His tenure began in 1981, after two years of working for independent record labels. At first the design felt almost tentative, using commercial typefaces in relatively simple layouts. Slowly The Face morphed into a kinetic playground for typographic exploration and the graphic floatsam and jetsam it left in its path.”


Bryony Gomez-Palacio, and Armin Vit. Graphic design referenced: a visual guide to the language, application, and history of graphic design. Beverly: Rockport, 2009 (p. 332)


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