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The Face, nº 49, May 1984

“By the end of the 1980s, en even more fundamental change was driving graphic design: the computer. British graphic designers had not been especially quick to engage with the Apple Mackintosh. Americans such as April Greiman and Rudy Vanderlans acquired Macs in 1984, when the computer was first launched, and immediately set about developing a computer-based graphic aesthetic. In Britain, even Brody, a vocal advocate of digital aesthetics and founder, in 1991, of the type publication Fuse, did not start experimenting with the Mackintosh until 1988. Although people assumed that his angular typefaces for The Face were digital productions.”


Rick Poynor, ed. Communicate: independent British graphic design since the sixties. London: Barbican Art Gallery: Laurence King, 2004 (p. 38)


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