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The Face, nº 58, February 1985

“Brody’s ability to load a layout with levels of meaning is seen in the opening spread of an interview with Andy Warhol: the repeated photography echoes Warhol’s use of repeated images; the large W is actually the M from a feature on the popular singer Madonna from the month before, turned upside-down and bringing a small portion of a photograph and part of a headline with it, paraphrasing Warhol’s use of existing graphic material. The oval within a circle and the cross above it reference the sexuality of Warhol’s life and work. Seldom have a designer’s hard-won accomplishments been plundered and plagiarized as Brody’s distinctive work was in the late 1980s.”


Philip B. Meggs. A history of graphic design. 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992 (p. 468)


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