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Donald Appleyard, Kevin Lynch, John R. Myer. The view from the road. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1964

“The first book I did with MIT Press (as a freelance) was View from the Road, by Kevin Lynch. Idea was to develop a graphical language for engineers to use when building roads, so that they would think about views and reference points. It was a long tall book, with a flip book on the side. The author hated it—it was out of the reach of the engineers. Too big, arty.”

Ellen Lupton. Muriel Cooper: conversation with Ellen Lupton, May 7, 1994.

“The first book  she designed for the MIT Press (as a freelancer), in 1964, was The view from the road, by Kevin Lynch, John R. Myer, and Donald Appleyard, a tall, rectangular book with double columns of sans serif text, paragraphs separated by line spacing rather than indentation, and generous areas of white space around many of the images. It also made use of margins for small diagrams and figures, and included flipbook images on the bottom left and right side of each page. The book was intended to convey to engineers important views and reference points in the building of roads. Significantly, the flipbook images were trying to convey, and perhaps to equate, the rhythm and tempo of moving through the city in a car with our way of 'reading' books. Cooper's filmic approach to book design became a hallmark of her work and was unique to the MIT Press.”

Aron Vinegar. I am a monument: on Learning from Las Vegas. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2008 (p. 136)

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