International signal code alphabet. Los Angeles: Atelier Éditions, 2018 (1968)

“In the summer of 1968, Corita created two alphabet series. One used circus imagery, another reoccuring theme in her work; the other, inspired by the multicolored flags used for communication by sea vessels (...) The Circus Alphabet was published as a book, Damn Everything but the Circus, and a set of posters in 1970. Corita had spent the summer of 1968 on Cape Cod, often watching the sailboats from the beach. The idea that each flag visually represents a letter must have been particularly appealing to Corita, who said about her art in 1970, 'As important to me (if not more so) are the shapes and colors of the words. They should be fun to look at even if one doesn't understand English'. With the International Signal Code Alphabet, Corita could subvert this symbolism even further.”

International signal code alphabet. Los Angeles: Atelier Editions, 2018 (p. 12)