Nikolai Troshin. URSS en construction, nº 8, 1935

"In 1930 he [Nikolai Troshin] was appointed the artist in-chief of the newly established ambitious illustrated magazine USSR in Construction. He worked there for 11 years and designed 45 issues. He collaborated with figures like Rodchenko, Stepanova, and El Lissitzky, but never returned to the theory of the photographic picture. Instead, Troshin created a photographic magazine. He recalled, ‘The main element of the magazine was its composition. I applied the ‘sequence of stills’ principle, i.e. the idea of movement in developing the plot. For this I drew all the pages of the magazine, spread by spread, and created from them a ribbon which could be wholly visible.’ He did not succeed in turning photography into painting’s rival, but he did transform the magazine into the simulation of a film."

Konstantin Akinsha. The second life of Soviet photomontage, 1935-1980s. PhD diss., University of Edinburgh, 2012

(p. 130-131)

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