El Lissitzky, Sophie Lissitzky-Küppers. URSS en construction, nº 2, 1934

“Lissitzky, together with Sophie [Lissitzky-Küppers], designed an issue entitled Four Victories; the issue was scheduled to coincide with the seventeenth congress of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik), the so-called ‘Congress of Victors’ from 26 January to 10 February 1934. Held in an atmosphere of triumph after the successful harvest of summer 1933, the congress was meant to vindicate the correctness of the party’s general line, marking the completion of collectivization and the First Five-Year Plan. The victories chosen for this issue of USSR in Construction were exemplary cases of Soviet achievements in conquering distance, covering both the vertical and the horizontal axes, as well as water, air, and land (three of the four elements). The issue opened with two spreads, the first bearing Stalin’s slogan ‘There are no fortresses which Bolsheviks cannot capture’ and the second featuring an image of the leader set against an infinite sky. In the latter, Stalin’s hand is raised in acknowledgment of the recent heroic Soviet undertakings, which are illustrated in a blurred montage of all four victories fused into one more or less continuous image.”

Peter Nisbet. “El Lissitzky circa 1935: two propaganda projects reconsidered”. In: Nancy Perloff, Brian Reed (eds.). Situating El Lissitzky: Vitebsk, Berlin, Moscow. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2003 (p. 217-218)

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