Wendingen, vol. 10, nº 3 (1929)

“Huszár's 1929 Wendingen cover used a geometric rendering of the magazine's title with letters alternately aligned in a rectangular block on the top section of the page. Below, a square text block is an abstract composition made from the Wendingen letters set both vertically and horizontally, and the composition is repeated as rectangular shapes on the back. Claely, Huszár's cover is intended to recall the content of this issue, which was devoted to the political murals of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera. The complimentary colors green and red are those od the Mexican national flag, and the patterns generated by the geometric letters suggest forms in Aztec architecture. This is also Wendingen's only reference to De Stijl, and even though Huszár had cut his ties with De Stijl in 1921, the lettering resembles Van Doesburg's alphabet.”

Alston W. Purvis, Cees W. de Jong. Dutch graphic design: a century of innovation. London Thames and Hudson, 2006 (p. 106-107)

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