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Piet Zwart. Nederlandsche Kabelfabriek, 1932

“The year 1923 was pivotal for Zwart, for it was then that Berlage provided the contact with his son-in-law, then a member of the board of directors of the Nederlandsche Kabel Fabriek (Dutch Cable Factory). This initiated an unprecedented client-designer relationship that would continue uninterrupted for ten years. During this time, Zwart produced an estimated 275 advertisements for the publications Tijdschrift voor Electrotechniek (Magazine for Electrotechnology) and Sterkstroom (Strong Current). These advertisements would represent Zwart's most important contribution to Dutch typography and become one of the most innovative, bold, and challenging works by the Dutch graphic design avant-garde.”

Alston W. Purvis, Cees W. de Jong. Dutch graphic design: a century of innovation. London: Thames & Hudson, 2006 (p. 123)

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