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Piet Zwart. Dertig jaar film. (Serie monografieën over filmkunst; 2). Rotterdam: W. L. en J. Brusse, 1932

“Although Zwart was fascinated by film, unlike a number of typographers and fotographers with whom he was in contact, including László Moholy-Nagy and Paul Schuitema, he never became a filmmaker. He did, however, seriously consider writing a book about film advertising that was to have appeared in the Rotterdam series Monografieën over Filmkunst (Monographs on the Art of Film) published from 1931 to 1933. Zwart designed covers not only for his own book, which never materialized, but also for the ten in the series that did appear, creating a standard format that made them recognizable as a group. Each cover features a photomontage printed in what looks like a semitransparent screen of blue or red. The title and author's name are in capital letters that run like a strip diagonally across the field, while the series and volume identifications appear in the bottom right corner. The word film, in large lowercase letters, floats across the visually active surface of each design, often touching, and in one case cut off, at the edges of the field.”

Matthew S. Witkovsky, ed. Avant-garde art in everyday life: early-twentieth-century European modernism. Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, 2011 (p. 131)

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